Minggu, 15 Juli 2007

Have a Dreams

Have a Dreams
By Robert H. Schuller

Your young people shall see visions, your old people shall dream dreams. -Acts 2:17
The fear of failure keeps most people from believing that God can and will make their dreams come true. They are afraid to try. I often think of Christy Wilson, that great missionary to Kabul, Afghanistan. The major industry in Kabul was raising sheep, and the major problem in raising sheep was a disease caused by a worm that gets in the intestines of the sheep when they eat snails.

Now ducks love to eat these snails, but Christy noticed there were no ducks in Afghanistan. He wrote to a friend in the states and asked for some fertilized duck eggs. Twenty-four fertilized duck eggs were sent. His friend said, "They will hatch, provided the eggs are not dropped, they get there on time and the temperature stays warm. In other words, it will take a miracle." By the time they arrived in Kabul, some were broken, they were cracked and smelly. Christy said, "We'll just have to pray that we get at least one male and one female."

You can guess what happened: only two eggs hatched, a male and a female. They multiplied and eventually wiped out the snails and the sheep industry boomed. God took Christy's dream and worked a miracle because he decided to try.

I have a dream. I am testing it to see if my positive dream is God's dream!

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